Trice Angie Christiansen is #morethanJUSTfemale

Trice Angie Christiansen is #morethanJUSTfemale
With a holistic view on beauty, Trice Angie Christiansen started her own company in 2015 creating delicious organic and effective beauty products at RAAW by Trice. Safely back in Denmark after living in both New York and Los Angeles for her beauty adventure, we have caught up with Trice for a talk about a holistic view on life and work and on her new journey of becoming a mom.

How and when did your passion for beauty start?

It all started when I moved to New York. I was living a healthy life, ate organically and took good care of myself - except when it came to the beauty products. I assumed, I was pampering myself with every day. For some reason, I never thought about all of the harmful chemicals they contained, and they actually go straight into our bodies. One morning I woke up with a horrible rash on my face - it came from a brand that I really trusted. The skin around my eyes was purple, wrinkled, and flaky. In that moment I decided I would never put any harmful chemicals on my skin again. To me, and as I found out later - to many other women out there, I had a more holistic concept of “beauty” than what I could find in stores. I wanted a beauty routine that was good for my skin, my body, and my environment. I searched for a line of pure, effective products, in elegant packaging, that I could also afford. I could not find it – so I created my own.

What do you know now that you wish you had known before getting into the world of beauty?

The importance of clean beauty and how powerful nature is - the true benefit of wild harvested and organic ingredients still blows me away! I wish I would have known more about ingredients when I was younger… especially when it comes to deodorant, sunscreens and hair products.

You define your view on beauty as holistic, can you tell us a little more about that?

Skin is our largest organ - when I develop a product, I see skin as being “one big mouth”. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat. By having a holistic view on beauty, I mean seeing the bigger picture of how the products will affect our bodies and the environment in the long run.

You are just about to become a mom. Is there any female wisdom you hope to pass on to your daughter, in both personal and professional life?

I hope that she will learn to be the best version of herself, no matter what. That she will never compare herself but accept and applaud that everyone is unique and get inspired by them, instead of being jealous or judgmental. I hope that she will learn to empower other women out there, also in her professional life - because no one will gain any power if your competitors fail… it won’t make you or your brand any better anyway. So instead of being a competitive a..hole, then give it up for other successful people!

Is there anything else that you are passionate about at the moment?

I have to say that I’m a little amazed by the wakeup call we all just got from Mother Earth after this horrible pandemic. It really taught me something about sustainability and keeping it local... I am trying to figure out how to improve myself and my brand even more, to take better care of this planet.


Passion; also known as dedication, as hunger, it is the desire to destroy oneself for one’s art. To tear down, move, or start over in order to rebuild and expand. The feeling of not being able to let go. It is a human condition that most are bound by.

Even though we are JUST human, JUST women, JUST female, we all have that drive that makes us ‘more than’. It is what makes us-, our stories-, and our creations unique. From a job, to a child, to a hobby gone wild, we, and you, are more than JUST female. We have gathered some of the most inspiring Danish women that we know for a talk about passion, creativity, and the balance between worklife and homelife.

Let their inspiring stories, trials and errors be a reminder that we all can struggle, we can fail, but something will always have us return to that same place of passion. And maybe the point is not necessarily to succeed, but to have given it your all, and grown in the process.

Tell us about your passion, struggle, and successes!