TEMPT FATE - Winter 2021

TEMPT FATE - Winter 2021

After a period of uncertainty and unrest, it is time that we take control of our destiny, of our fate!Dress for the job you want, for the party you want to attend, and for the mood you want to set for yourself with our Winter 2021 collection. By manifesting the person you want to be and the world you want to see - by empowering yourself, you empower those around you.

Empowered women empower women

It is up to you, to us, to take charge and ensure our fate. Ensure that we will be back in that office or lecture hall, that we will be taking care of ourselves and each other, and that we will be gathered in groups of people dancing and celebrating life.

In our Winter 2021 collection you will find soft knits and sweats for the mental health days offline, suiting, crisp cotton, and sporty references for the office and school, and party dresses and coords for the special and festive occasions.

Manifest your fate - repeat after us: I am in control of what I should, can, and will!